Hi! I'm Kim.

My blog is a collection of thoughts on courage, enthusiasm, confidence, vulnerability, fear, stuckness, and things that hold us back.  My mission is to encourage you to stop just dreaming and start doing!

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Living Brave – Week One (Entering the Arena)
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Attribution license: neiljs   Today is the beginning of the Living Brave semester with Brene Brown on I’m excited and filled with a significant amount of trepidation. I have no idea what to... Read More

Blasting Through Excuses
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What is that thing you are burning to try?   How long you have put it off because you don’t-know-if-you’ll-be-any-good, or what-if-you-look-like-an-idiot, or you don’t-deserve-the-happiness-it-may-bring? Or, maybe, you’re too-busy-dealing-with-reality. Let me break down the truth... Read More

The Misguided Art of Self-Sabotage
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“We are the only species on earth capable of preventing our own flowering.” – David Whyte Looking back on my 20s and 30s, I realize I devoted a great deal of energy into self-defeating behaviors.... Read More

The Insidious Echo of Thoughtless Advice
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“I think you may want to consider another major.” The words pinned me to the spot. I couldn’t speak or even formulate a response in my mind. I stood there like a wooden toy while... Read More

Forgive ≠ Forget
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The Struggle I was staring into the dark from my narrow bed in my tiny college dorm-style apartment – insomnia feeding a long-held hatred, whispering sweet revenges softly in my ear. Suddenly, an unfamiliar thought... Read More


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